Get Over It.

Um.  Wow?

Okay.  Hargrove is, like, 79.  But you know, both my Grandmothers are older than that.  And neither would make such an idiotic statement.  Get over that whole “slavery” thing?  First off, how often do we ear complaints about slavery?  Oh sure, you might hear a crack from Dave Chapelle or Chris Rock while they are making a pointed commentary about race and culture.  But seriously, when was the last time some black guy walked up to one of us white guys and started going off on us about slavery?

Okay, there was that incident on my way into work this morning, but other than that?  Never!  It just doesn’t get brought up in daily life.  Most African Americans have more pressing matters in their lives, such as, but not limited to, jobs, rent, family.  Crazy, huh?

Maybe I am wrong.  Maybe in Virginia, political discourse goes like this:

Hargrove:  We need to cut spending.
Black Opponent: Slavery, man.
Hargrove:  Crap.  You win again, dammit.

But you know what?  It got worse.  He proclaimed:
are we going to force the Jews to apologize for killing Christ?

Seriously?  That’s the guy’s defense?!  First off, any Christian who is comfortable using the phrase “Jews killed Jesus” needs a Bible slapped up their noggin.  Yes, you are an idiot.  Read your Bible.  There were lots of folks involved in that particular killing.  And, frankly, unless we expect “the Whites” to apologize for the murder of James Byrd, Jr.  And that is not likely, is it?


I suppose I should just be relieved he did not trot out, “Heeeey, some of my best friends are black people”, huh?

Now, let’s take a step back.  Suppose, and just suppose, he didn’t mean to say what we heard.  Maybe, when he brought up the “Jews killing Jesus” thing, he was trying to point out the absurdity of generational guilt.  Maybe he was trying to get across the idea that you don’t hold modern people and a society accountable for what people and a society did a 140 years back.  And if 140 years is still recent enough…when does it become far enough back.  Maybe he doesn’t even hold Jews accountable for killing Jesus at all.

That may all be true.  Really.  And yet, the trouble is, we have to go by what and how he said it, not by what he might have meant (at least, that’s how it was when John Kerry screwed up his joke).  How he said it was immensely dismissive of the concerns of members of his community.  He opposes an apology.  Why?  Don’t really know.  Frankly, at this point I do not care.  He used a phrase in such a way that it certainly sounds like he thinks “Jews killed Jesus”.  And when someone raised a complaint about that, he was rude and dismissive yet again!

The sad truth is there might have been a worthwhile debate to be had if Hargrove had engaged his brain before his mouth.

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