Random Comic, Movie and TV News

So, I’ve gone practically a full week without pop. I can’t say I really miss it either. Although, one setback I have noticed? The caffeine headaches do push one towards a homicidal rage much quicker.

Speaking of homicidal rages…

As a fan of the original Halloween, this bit of info regarding the script for the new Rob Zombie film is…disturbing. There are lots of potential spoilers if you follow the link. Although, I do like the idea of Malcolm McDowell portraying Dr. Loomis, the role original performed by Donald Pleasance.

Joss Whedon (creator of Buffy, Angel and Firefly/Serenity for those going “Who?!”) has agreed to direct an episode of the Office! He’s the third “big name/feature director to jump on the Office wagon. That’s fine by me, as I still love the show.

Both the Beat and Newsarama are noting that Fangoria claims to have bought the rights to the character Vampirella.

Newsarama also has a fresh interview with talented artist Michael Golden about his upcoming work.

The Beat also has an interesting link to Steven Grant’s thoughts on the Platinum Entertainment situation.

The Pulse notes that Civil War # 7 will be, and you better sit down here…late! Don’t faint folks.

The Pulse had this announcement: Entertainment group Charlie Foxtrot (comprised of several Military Veterans) has announced a comic book called City of Fire. It will deal frankly with the events of June 24th, 2004. On that day insurgents set off several car bombs, killing and injuring hundreds, assassinated two key police officials and then overran a police station and mosque in the heart of Mosul, Iraq, in an attempt to cripple a city and bring down a country, and how the men of the 1/23rd Blackhawk company, exhausted already from three straight days of combat, went back into the city to take it back. (From the Press release)

Oh, and to throw a little religion into this mix…my friend Adam proposes the theologies of “breaking up”.

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