Politics of the Lowest Common Denominator…


In a private session videotaped yesterday on Capitol Hill, Rep. Barney Frank, D, Mass., accused the Bush administration of “ethnic cleansing by inaction” against poor blacks in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

Oh dear. Seriously, Rep. Frank…did you really need to make that analogy? Now while ethnic cleansing is not as extreme a phrase as, say genocide, (after all, technically genocide is one way to perform an ethnic cleansing) it is still a bullet of a word.

I know it was extremely popular to claim that Bush hates, or at the very best plain doesn’t care about black people. Which makes a far more spectacular headline than the more obvious fact that the government pretty much just screwed up on every level…right on down to Ray Nagin, right? Of course, I don’t base my opinions on the ranting of rap star Kanye West.

Of course, Ethnic cleansing still conjures up the image of genocide, and hey, why not tell people George Bush is attempting to perform genocide against the African American community in New Orleans?

Let me explain why this is bad, Rep. Frank. It lowers the level of discourse, yet again. Republicans and Democrats are out to one up each other on stupid statements as of late, and it’s getting more than a little tiring. I expect absurd rhetoric from Cindy Sheehan and Kanye West. I expect it from Bill O’Reilly and all of Fox News. But you guys need to stop stopping to it. You need to show the courage to not keep hitting below the belt. People didn’t vote for Democrats so we could hear more name calling. They voted to get some sorely lacking oversight. Nothing is going to get done as long as you Democrats play off against Bush like you guys are Rosie O’Donnell and Donald Trump.

Speaking of Rosie and the Donald…I am fascinated by the attempts of the cable news networks to make a huge story out of this, and then pretend like they are not making a big story out of it. A caller named Sunny chastised Fox for this today on Fox and Friends. Bravo to him. All the major news outlets are treating this like it matters. And then complaining about it being news.

I had to laugh yesterday as Fox made a big to do about the Democrats taking yesterday off. The avoided mentioning to often that it was a Republican who requested yesterday off. In fact, I am not sure they mentioned it at all. I think the most appropriate spin for yesterday’s “Congressional/Senatorial Day Off” is “LOOK! ALREADY THE DEMS ARE SHOWING A SPIRIT OF BI-PARTISANSHIP!”

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