Random Comic News…

Over at the Beat, Heidi and company are doling out the (very good) advice on signing publishing deals for both up and coming artists and established creators as well. Buyer beware, so to speak. Creators chime in. It’s an important read. Colleen Doran adds some thoughts of her own to provide more helpful advice on the topic.

Chuck Dixon discusses his upcoming Grifter/Midnighter mini series with Newsarama. I am not sure I fully buy his argument against gay characters in mainstream comics, but it’s a rather interesting interview and he seems to have a great grasp on the Midnighter character.

Newsarama also “teases” us with a hint that someone close to Spider-Man may die. Quesada (the top guy at Marvel) and others at Marvel have made clear that they think Peter Parker being married to Mary Jane is a bad thing. Joe Quesada has also claimed there will be no Spidey Divorce. So, that kind of leaves two options. Massive reboot or “The Death of Mary Jane”. I’ve said it before. I will say it again. If you can’t write fun and interesting stories with a married Spider-Man, you are being lazy.

Joe also defends the changes to Speedball in this week’s Civil War tie in. Beware of spoilers!

Erik Larsen contemplates why the Marvel Universe is not more futuristic.

Over at Comic Book Movie, they provide links to the recent Fantastic Four:Rise of the Silver Surfer trailer as well as a guided tour of the set from Jessica Alba.

And in total non-comic book news…the Ain’t It Cool News guys bring us info from Rob Zombie regarding the next Halloween film.

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