An Open Letter to Chris Matthews of Hardball

What’s the deal, Chris Matthews?!  I have been watching you for last few week on Hardball…what happened to the softball peddling to the Democrats?  Suddenly you are on their case about everything.  Especially your favorite topic- “Are you going to end the war like you promised?!”  You ask the question, people answer, and if you don’t like the answer, you claim they “artfully dodged the question.”

Here is a little help for you, Chris.  Few Democrats ran on a platform that they would successfully end the war once in office.  No, they promised to investigate the war and how the Administration flubbed it so badly.  They promised to try and get a systematic withdrawal.  But even that will take awhile.  No Democrat promised that we would be out of Iraq in the first 100 hours.

And yet, you persist in badgering Democrats the same way you used to reserve for Republicans.  If they start to answer and the answer is not “Yes, we are bringing the troops home this month” you interrupt the guest and restate the question as if they didn’t understand the first time.  Newsflash, Mr. Matthews… It isn’t going to happen.  The Democrats have limited options, as many of your guests tried to tell you on the Thursday January 4th edition of Hardball.  You have it in your head that this war is easy to get out of.  We just pack our bags, and now that the Democrats are official, it should happen right now.

Now do not get me wrong, I wish you had brow beaten the Democrats like this during the campaign.  I mean, your show is called Hardball, after all.  But if you, or any voters expected that the Democratic win meant the War is over this year… you were all delusional.  It was never going to happen, and most likely, what we will see is a plan that slowly starts moving troops out of Iraq.  A measured withdrawal, if you will.  But your constant badgering about “getting out” is ineffective and shows you have a limited understanding of war.  Now, understand, I opposed the war from the start.  I thought it was a bad idea.  Alas, the President didn’t hire me for his administration.  Apparently my credentials were not good enough.  Maybe he resented my write in campaign for Leatherface for President in 2000.  Who knows.  But please, start asking a new question.  One that is useful and valid.  It would make watching Hardball feel more productive, because currently, if I flip between you and John Gibson over at Fox, I can barely see a difference.

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