I predict war in 07.

Ah yes. Pat delivers the goods yet again . I notice he “plays it safe” this time around. No claims of a Tsunami. And this time, should his promise of a major terrorist attack on U.S. soil not come true, he can give support to the Bush Administration and say they thwarted it and that was God’s plan all along. Clever. I’ve said it before, I will say it again…they use to stone prophets with a prediction record as spotty as Robertson’s. God bless ‘im.

In other news, this is a favorite Rock TV of mine.

Everyone is great, from Leroy as the straight man to Ted as the (apparently) Emmy winning detective. One or two jokes fall flat, but overall, it’s one I am particularly fond of. And plus, Peter made himself sick during the party sequence from shaking and flailing around. That’s dedication. Not as much dedication as Leroy devouring a cup of tartar sauce, but still dedicated.

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